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The eCenter/ and the global world of commerce and politics comes alive. Visitors, students, displaced workers, incumbent workers and potential clients are welcomed as the eCommerce Intelligence Media Monitors (eCIMM) broadcasts real world news in real time impacting local and global decisions worldwide. The goal of eCIMM is simple: to visually display and to observe (in real time) vital commerce, financial and political information from various global news sources simultaneously & exclusively for the benefit of local visitors to the eCenter. Paul Anthony Courtney, eCenter Developer, President/Entrepreneur 

While at the eCenter the engaged visitor will observe professional staff, student interns, displaced and incumbent workers completing real world business operating tasks, functions and carryout professional business responsibilities. Combining semi-sophisticated real-time data collection with our team’s strategic business acumen; observed processes will offer visual insights into a business’s competitive edge (competent personnel) operating an actual business. Taking it one step further, potential client information can be synthesized by the eCenter’s internal business development staff, into actionable steps that are accurately suited for our client businesses and supported organizations.

Our Mission, Goal and Purpose at, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization designed to provide a hub for “real world” education, experiences and the exchanges of practical knowledge from successful entrepreneurs, business professional and “academics”. This is accomplished by providing paid and non-paid internships to the job seeker, as well as offering contract job/employment training to individuals, businesses who employ, and to displaced and the incumbent worker. All instruction, job training and academic enhancements are provided by seasoned industry experts and accredited college degreed: AA, BA, MA, and PhD/DBA College Professors.

Students who complete measurable courses of instruction will receive a Certificate of Achievement in specific areas. Students completing OSHA/Occupational Safety Health Administration Courses will (also) receive Certificate of Completion Training Cards, from California State University Dominguez Hills, College of Extended and International Education, OSHA Training Institute Educational Center, 1000 East Victoria Street, Carson California, 90747.

NOTE: Programs and Services are provided at “actual cost” or a reduced rates depending on the CPI/Consumer Price Index. is a provider of success enhancement services. Consumers seeking FREE services, who believe that they are entitled, or seeking “handouts” will be disappointed.

Business Program Services (Consultation)


  • Business counseling and progress reviews with on-site and Web counselors from SBA/Small Business Administration, Industry Expert, as well as from the local college and university.
  • Pro bono mentoring from over 25 industry and area-specific professionals, including military, law enforcement, legal, financial, human resources, marketing, intellectual property, landscaping, plumbing, janitorial, food services, teaching, lock and key, mechanic, and more . . .
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence guidance, via SBA eWebsite and ecBarstow signature training.
  • Onsite rapid prototyping, scanning of documents and competitive intelligence support services.
  • Collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs in an innovative and supportive environment . . .
  • Domestic and international student research teams available for multidisciplinary research projects, including market analysis and validation, strategies and more.
  • Partnership with local elementary, high school and college districts, as well as with students and faculty.
  • Partnership with SBA/Small Business Administration and SBC/San Bernardino County Resources, access to public and private entities, including local and national incubators, accelerators and angle investors.
  • Promotion of business, student and client news, milestones and events through written print, online and social media outlets.
  • Business development seminars and workshops covering relevant business topics.
  • Additional Services and Resources coming soon  
Services for Businesses, Students, and Others 


  • Academic Scholarship Acquisition Assistance
  • Website design and updating
  • Computer repair and system restoration (basic)
  • Computer Rentals (HP laptop use) on-site or takeaway
  • Resume update
  • Customer billing and collections
  • Scheduling and Customer CARE follow up contact
  • Typing and Mailing
  • Notary
  • Business Planning and Restoration
  • Training, Tutoring and Seminars
  • Repair, etc.
  • Errands R Us
Training for Businesses, Students, and Others 


  • Business Planning and Restoration
  • Training, Tutoring and Seminars
  • Facebook and Social Media, 2 hours.
  • Resume development and update.
  • Computer use (basic), 4 hours.
  • OSHA/Occupational Safety, 10hour and 30 hour courses.
  • Soft Skills, Verbal Communication and Customer Service, 6.5 hrs.
  • Basic Leadership: The 5 Levels of Leadership, 6.5 hrs.
  • The 5 P’s of Marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, Place, People, 6.5 hrs.
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Business Planning and Restoration
  • Food Handlers (as required)

Innovative Facilities 

ecBarstow clients, guests, students and general public members have access to an innovative local facility, comprised of office spaces, web research space, retail space and collaborative classroom settings. Located on the campus and retail center of, 6000 square feet facility, 1041 West Main Street, located on the historic US. Route Highway 66 , includes the following amenities:

  • Private meeting offices (fully furnished)
  • Wifi Internet access and 24 laptops computers available for rental use
  • State of the art presentation technology
  • Life Size video and audio conferencing technology
  • Classroom/Suite with 18 desks and a 14 seat collaborative learning conference table
  • Business Suite with 8 desks and 8 research wireless research computers
  • Retail Market Space for 7 entrepreneurs to present innovations, products and services to the general public at pre-determined scheduled times
  • 24/7 access with security camera “live” monitoring
  • Climate-controlled server room
  • Additional meeting and collaborative space, including conference space and a covered patio break outside area.
  • Errands R Us
  • eCornerMarket offering drinks, pre-packaged foods, and US. Route 66 souvenir novelties and gifts.


Networking and Strong Connections

Creating social norms and change is consistent with progress . . . entrepreneurs and engaged policy makers break away from tradition and indirectly support freedom by reducing dependence on obsolete systems, out of date polices and “old fashion” technologies. Overall, this results in an improved quality of life, greater morale and economic freedom. . . . Believing in and Partnering with the SBA/US. Small Business Administration . . .

SBA provides assistance primarily through its four programmatic functions:

  • Access to Capital (Business Financing)

An array of financing for small businesses, micro-lending to substantial debt and equity investment capital (venture capital).

  • Entrepreneurial Development (Education, Information, Technical Assistance & Training)

Free individual face-to-face, and internet counseling for small businesses, and low-cost training to nascent entrepreneurs and established small businesses in over 1,800 locations throughout the United States and US territories.

  • Government Contracting (Federal Procurement)

In keeping with the mandate of Section 15(g) of the Small Business Act, SBA’s Office of Government Contracting sets goals with other federal departments and agencies to reach the statutory goal of 23% in prime contract dollars to small businesses. SBA also provides small businesses with subcontracting procurement opportunities, outreach programs, and training.

  • Advocacy (Voice for Small Business)

Created in 1978, this office reviews Congressional legislation and testifies on behalf of small business. It also assesses the impact of the regulatory burden on behalf of small businesses. Additionally, it conducts a vast array of research on American small businesses and the small business environment. The Chief Counsel of this office is appointed by the President of the United States.

The Bottom Line . . .

The interesting interaction of entrepreneurship, educational partnerships and economic development has vital inputs and inferences for policy makers, schools, development institutes, business owners, change agents and charitable donors. If we understand the benefits and drawbacks, a balanced approach to nurturing entrepreneurship and education (at all levels) will definitely result in a positive impact on economy and society.

The eCenter for Entrepreneurial Innovation and Student Success is more than just a business, it’s an educational enhancement campus and business retail center. It is designed to be a vibrant ecosystem for all individuals (private and business) owners, students, job seekers and supporters, to help facilitate success for anyone who comes to the campus and is engaged in measurable success enhancement developmental activities. is a place where people and ideas will grow!.

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